Butoh dance

Omoide (Memoria)

Teatre Plan B. Tokyo


During my long stays in Japan following the teachings of the great master Kazuo Ohno, I could approach what then was considered to be the santa santorum of the butoh dance, the Plan B of Tokyo managed by the most excellent artists of this genre and at the head of them Min Tanaka and his group Mai Juku.


By the time, I became  a friend with  Min. And he asked me if I could give to the componenentes of his group a few classes of drama into acrobatics. They for  helped me to do a few impressiones of "giotaku" on my naked body dyed in black.

These cloths accompanied OMOIDE(memory) the dance performance that I presented in the Plan B of Tokyo.


In this work I was dancing with the half-naked and smeared body, the memories that a human being has in the last minutes before surrendering to the omnipotent abandonment, to the arms of the death.

This dance was performed in front of a mounf of earth into which I was sinking slowly.


Some performances are a premonition which will appear a few years later.

I am thinking about ALMA DE SERPIENTE  in 1987.

"Omoide" performance program,15-17/06/1982