Theatre of variety

Variedades eróticas

Teatro Alfil. Madrid




Welcome to the twilight recesses of the labyrinth, where the halos of sex and eroticism caress your skin, smell your fluids and delight you with a soft glance at fantasy desires.


The blood of attention will cloud your gaze, the veins of your body will overflow with appetizing liquid, your ears will delight in the howls of vertigo,. And your genitals will be invited to the sacred dance of the senses.





Healthy titillation, the abundance of sensuality in young flesh exhaling eroticism through all the pores of its skin, in its incessant desire for love, contact, fusion. When I met her, She was working in her trapeze circus, She was deeply in love with her artistic partner. An ideal relationship, the "blue birds" but, ah! Fatal destiny was one afternoon in March, when the rain beat heavily on the canvas of the circus.

The audience was anxiously awaiting the risky act of the blue birds at a height of 20 metres without a net "The Kiss in the Air". Great danger to a soul in love. He wanted to keep her on his lips too long. She escaped, and he, turning around, found nothing but an empty void and death.

Since then, Mandy, the trapeze artist, has been walking the five corners of the world unable to comprehend how life could have been so cruel to her. Will the hero appear who knows how to kiss her again without losing his soul? For you, that sweet, unstoppable torment of a woman, our dear Mandy.






Mea culpa mea grande culpa, I am guilty and therefore, continuously and ardently penitent.


 That is how Madame Durga introduced herself to me one night, confessing to me how the delights of pain were palpitating in the depths of her vagina. And so you will see her now, sincere and devoted, content in her abandon and enjoying her mortifications.


You will never become a perfect mistress, a master in the art of punishment if you do not know the intense mental orgasm of your slave in his submissive acceptance.


If you assume your liberation in self-chastisement, she will understand you, she will love you, you will be able to sink her, mistreat her, there will be no exquisite humiliation to quell her desire to continue. Suffer, Durga, suffer



Who would have told me, when I bought all these gadgets in a reputable sex shop that I was going to end up being a slave to my own desire for domination. And when I see her stretched out in front of me, arousing me with her buttocks, I can only succumb to her diabolical lust.


Ah! Why do you like to suffer so much and why do you want to make me suffer so much...... pleasure.



Ironed and starched, in the silence of the long corridors where the patients anxiously await her visit, the nurse demurely walks around.


Hidden in their unwrinkled aprons, their flesh palpitates with furious desire.


Hospital rules don't allow her to give herself over to her darkest secrets.


But follow me, we're going to surprise her in her washroom, where away from intrusive glances she gives free rein to the fiery calls of her body. Delicate, tender and soft. White excitement  on the "night shift”.





What used to be a rope that crushed her whole body has been transformed by the juggling of her hands into a seductive and sensually harmful... whip.


Meowing her graces, she joyfully walks on the night rooftops of urban libido.






Carefully embalmed, I kept my beloved in a dark and secluded place.

The best specialists had managed to repair the most damaged parts of his body after the horrible accident.


Drunk with emotion, he came every night to the immaculate purity of that beautiful naked body. The supreme surrender and the defenceless eroticism that emanated from that flesh, in the abode of silence, aroused in me the appearance of perverse and unspeakable desires.


Longing to join her in the midst of forbidden passions, I went to sleep under her gravestone, thus preparing myself for the supreme encounter.

One night, reality and dream merged into an inexplicable vision.




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