International Festival of Tortosa. Entre Cultures





The show celebrates the fine elixir, wisdom and enormous artistic, philosophical and spiritual wealth of the Sufi poets Jalaladdin Rumi and Ibn `Arabi as well as Andalusian music and the devotional chants of northern Morocco.


A proposal by Albert Vidal

Company: Ibn ‘Arabi

Direction: Abdelkader Afazaz

Xaouen Orchestra of Andalusian and spiritual music

 Director: Layachi El Fassi



Part 1. Andalusian Music Concert


The Ibn 'Arabi group is directed by the master Layachi El Fassi, born in Xauen, a renowned violin and lute instrumentalist in the styles of Andalusian, Sufi and Arabic music.



Part 2. Sufi chants


Conducted in choral form with hymns and chants interspersed individually as one tone or melody moves to another, it gives way at the end to the "Imara" dance. In Morocco, there is a type of Sufi dance which is a dance in a circle around a person called "xeic de la Hadra" the dance is called "Imara" or "Hacha Ilahiya". The participants reach spiritual ecstasy and the annihilation of the ego in their love for the prophet. The group's leader, Abdelkader Afazaz de Xauen, has participated in several national and international festivals. He specializes in the Hança style of Cafeta Mohammed and Sufi music concerts.





Stage direction

Video artist

Videographic follow-up

Sound design


Text advicer

Recitation and singing


High violin


High violin


Reciter / Singer




Drum / Singer



Albert Vidal, Ricard Salvat

Nicolás García

Maria de Marias, Andrew Colquhoun

Francesc Bedós


Enric Casasses

Albert Vidal


Ali Sediki

El Moufaddal Mahmoud

Abdelouahab El Merini

Abdechafik Mimoun

Mohamed El Aboudi

Layachi Chliah

Layachi El Fassi

Anass Naya

Zakaria Amelouan

Abdelkader Afazaz






An exultant Albert Vidal, who became the master of ceremonies for the Chauen Moroccan orchestral group, closed one of the most exciting and unexpected sessions of the third Entrecultures International Festival the night before last.... Sufi music, of resonant sounds, with the musicians in a circle (hadra) and the conductor inviting the public to enter the Karma or state of collective trance.

LA VANGUARDIA. Joan-Anton Benach. 27-11-06



Islam is a magnificent concert performed by the orchestra of Chaouen (Morocco) of Andalusian music and Sufi spiritual songs....What brought the spectators, who were more and more immersed in a history closely linked to the Islamic world, to their feet, was the strength and emotion that the Moroccan participation progressively had. Albert Vidal appeared on three occasions reciting texts and poems by Jalaladdin Rumi and Ibn Arabi that helped to raise awareness of Muslim culture. In the end, for the most part, the audience burst into a standing ovation.


 Before a crowded and expectant audience, the orchestra offered its recital of Andalusian music, Albert Vidal recited poems by the 12th century Muslim philosopher and mystic Ibn Arabi, reaching a crescendo with Sufi devotional songs. The audience responded to a request to clap their hands from the stage by standing up and clapping their hands rhythmically...


EL PERIÓDICO. Gonzalo Pérez de Olaguer. 27-11-06



Ante un auditorio repleto y expectante, la orquesta ofreció su recital de música andalusí, Albert Vidal recitó poemas del filósofo y místico musulmán del siglo XII Ibn Arabi,alcanzándose el punto álgido con los cantos devocionales sufíes. El auditorio respondió a la petición de palmas desde el escenario levantándose y aplaudiendo de manera rítmica…


WEBISLAM. 27-11-06