I am the solution

Teatro del Nudo. Buenos Aires


In this case, and following the normal flow in the freedom of the creative act, we are also referring to the original text of THE PRINCE, except for small modifications. After having presented it in Seville, THE PRINCE with maximum multimedia support, refined lighting and live and direct accompaniment, I proceeded to present a version stripped to the maximum and in which only the acting work survived.


Thus, and in order not to create confusion, it was given the name "I AM THE SOLUTION" at its premiere in Buenos Aires at "El Nudo" theatre on Corrientes Street.


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Subsequently, performances were made in Spain, such as the season at the "Teatro de la Abadía" in Madrid

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"I am the solution",  Teatro de la Abadía . Madrid, 2008








When his monologue came to an end, the teacher, Albert Vidal, and the audience standing in unison burst into a resounding ovation of enthusiasm and admiration. This piece of an actor, clown, mime, clown, buffoon, choreographer, musician, thinker, visionary, Albert Vidal, a fox fly and soul researcher, is a man of great form and talent, charismatic, magnetic, disturbing, overwhelming, lucid and devoted with all his heart to the priceless and marvellous ritual of the theatre. He spoke to the audience, before definitively leaving the cold and bare stage in which he had performed one of the most miraculous miracles in the 40 years of the festival, which is today immersed in a bittersweet birthday, to remember that he had already performed in San Javier thirty years ago, and that the memory of his return and of the public's welcome would be with him forever, both in the East and in the West, both when he meditates on the top of the highest mountain than when he descends into the worst urban hell of the most infernal cities.


... A glorious hour of theatre in its purest and golden state, a theatre that is rapturous and sincere, naked of all artifice and full of beauty, with the capacity of theatre in its purest state leaving you completely naked not only in front of the world, but before yourself, completely naked after attending a battle between Good and Evil, the true and false gods, dignity and ethics in the face of moral rubbish, lies and coarse ambition without measure.






All this is made come true on stage by an actor in a state of grace, without any scenery or music, using only the power of his magnificent and volcanic voice, and the endless capacity to draw communication possibilities from his own tiny body.


Vidal becomes a volcano, angel, demon, baby, old man, banker, politician, public consumer, contemporary artist, murderer, victim, manipulator, cretin, savage, tender, hopeful, desperate, messenger of good news, publicist, king and beggar. The comedian is influenced by the mastery of other greats such as Dario Fo - don't miss his performance at the Albacete Festival on August 31st, with Rosa Fresca Fragantísima! - Jacques Lecoq and Kazuo Ohono, and he knew how to take advantage of the time spent learning topeng dance techniques in Bali, butoh in Japan and Bori possession dances in Niger. And you can clearly see that he has travelled around the world with his madness, creating his own genre at the beginning of the 90s, which he calls telluric art.





What a pleasure to enjoy the best Albert Vidal again, the one who made us cry with laughter, showing us how all the politicians who end up embracing corruption spend their lives right under our noses; the Albert Vidal who reminded us of the importance of magic and love of nature, the importance of pleasure and kindness, the beautiful responsibility of not abandoning the elderly to their fate that one day we will all face....... the Albert Vidal who left wounds open in the audience in the masks that we all accept to wear resignedly..


LA VERDAD. Antonio Arco. 07.08.09